From my Series: Words to Live By.


When embarking on a new painting ​​a process unfolds for me that begins internally months ahead with angels and all sorts of creative muses and spirit guides helping me unearth the next theme and title of my painting. One that reflects something I am experiencing in my own personal life: a pondering, a questioning that tries to come forth in my artwork as a message, affirmation, or even an answer. Signs usually start showing up repeatedly as if my angels were orchestrating synchronicities to show me the way. Animal guides appear everywhere, and incessantly, until i notice that they are not merely coincidences but callings from the Universe. Each image finds its way to my work imbuing it with its energy and medicine, unearthing from beneath the layers of paint and fabric its title and message: the Words I choose to Live By.

This series encompasses all the different helpers and animal guides that have been accompanying me along my journey during this past decade: dragonflies, birds, butterflies, elephants, owls, bees, angels, Buddha and Ganesha among many others. All of them have
their own stories and symbolism which I share with each of my paintings.