​​I love to create new worlds out of images I find, memories I recreate, visions that I hold with the hope of capturing glimpses of wonder and uplifting others. My art is very much influenced by my daily observations, dreams, and by my interactions with the world and the amazing people and beings that are a part of it. Each painting is a conversation with spirit where chaos coexists with order, lightness with darkness; where brush marks and colors breathe new life and new intentions. Floating images of nature, of visions dreamed and lived weave in and out, intertwining with linings of text from poems and conversations with others that inspire and change me. I believe in angels, in the essential goodness of people, in magic.  And my artwork is a reflection of all this: of my love of spirit, of nature, of travels to new lands, of life. 

 About Fena Gonzalez

Artist Statement

Through painted ornamental patterns, decorative fabric, organic shapes, my life recollections become  alive in my work providing a backdrop for the vivid memories of my past and the realities and perceptions of my present. The moments and experiences that until now have shaped me and which are constantly redefining me as a person interact with one another and find a home in my paintings. Questions are formed, paradoxes and transformations embraced. And in the end, what is left is my renewed sense of wonder and optimism and the hope that this message transcends my art.  - Fena Gonzalez

Fena Gonzalez is an award-winning artist whose mixed media paintings have been exhibited throughout galleries in Boston, Washington DC, Caracas, and  Miami. These have included the Library of Congress, the Venezuelan Embassy in Washington D.C., The Currier Museum of Art, The Mills Gallery in Boston, and the Wynwood Exhibition Center among others. A graduate of Tufts University and the Museum School of Fine Arts in Boston, Fena has been the recipient of various scholarships and awards including her US citizenship for her artistic merits, as well as A Foundation for a Creative America’s first place in painting for the state of MD and second place nationally, awarded by former US Vice President, Al Gore. Fena's art is very much influenced by her spirituality and sessions with clients as an intuitive counselor and art  teacher. Through the creative process and her connection with angels, she supports her clients in recognizing their own innate worth and higher guidance. Fena’s paintings are in private collections in the US, Europe, and Venezuela.